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Best Television Shows Of The 1970s

70's TV Series From Mannix To My Three Sons

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Mannix - The ‘60s and ‘70s TV detective show Mannix ran on the CBS network.
Marcus Welby, M.D. - The ‘70s medical TV show Marcus Welby, M.D. aired on the ABC network. The show was produced by David J. O’Connell and David Victor.
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman - The ‘70s soap opera TV show parody Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was the brain child of producer Norman Lear, director Joan Darling, and writers Gail Parent and Ann Marcus. It ran for a single year.
Mary Tyler Moore Show, The - The critically acclaimed ‘70s TV show The Mary Tyler Moore Show ran on the CBS network for seven years. It was one of the most popular television programs in American history.
MASH - The ‘70s and ‘80s TV show M*A*S*H was loosely based on the ‘70s movie of the same name, as well as the famous novel Catch 22.
Maude - The ‘70s TV show Maude was broadcast on the CBS network for a total of 141 episodes. Norman Lear produced this spin off series of All in the Family.
Mayberry R.F.D. - The ‘60s and ‘70s TV show Mayberry R.F.D. was a continuation of The Andy Griffith Show. It came about as a result of Andy Griffith deciding to leave the show.
Medical Center - The ‘70s TV show Medical Center ran on the CBS network for over one hundred episodes.
Mod Squad - The ‘60s and ‘70s TV show The Mod Squad was produced by Aaron Spelling and Danny Thomas. It ran for over one hundred episodes on the ABC network.
Mork and Mindy - The ‘70s and ‘80s science fiction TV show Mork & Mindy was originally broadcast on the ABC network. It was a spin off of the TV show Happy Days and featured Robin Williams as an alien called Mork.
My Three Sons - The ‘60s and ‘70s American TV show My Three Sons ran for nearly four hundred episodes on the ABC and CBS networks.

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