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Soap TV Show

TV Show Review for Soap

Television Show Summary

The ‘70s and ‘80s TV show Soap was a parody of American soap operas. The show was the brain child of Susan Harris.

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TV Show Plot For Soap

Soap was unique in its format: a prime time sitcom making fun of daytime TV soap operas. Each episode followed in a serial manner, just like daytime soaps, and dealt with such melodramatic plots as amnesia, kidnapping, alien abduction, murder, and demonic possession. Heightening the show’s authenticity was the fact that many former soap opera actors comprised the cast. These included Robert Mandan, formerly of Search for Tomorrow, who played Chester Tate; and Donnelly Rhodes, formerly of The Young and the Restless, who played Dutch Leitner.

The fictional town of Dunns River, Connecticut formed the setting of Soap. The main story focused on the lives of two sisters, Mary Campbell and Jessica Tate. The Tates are the wealthier family, while the Campbells are more middle class.

Cast of Soap TV Show

Jessica Tate – Katherine Helmond
Mary Campbell – Cathryn Damon
Dutch Leitner – Donnelly Rhodes
Chester Tate – Robert Mandan
Jodie Dallas – Billy Crystal

Trivia for the TV Show Soap

Soap was one of the first TV series to include a gay character, Jodie Dallas.

Soap was the first soap opera ever to appear on TV in Norway. It became a massive hit, despite the fact that the audience’s understanding of the show’s parody elements was limited.

Ratings Info for Soap Series

1977-78 - 1st Season - Ranked #13
1978-79 - 2nd Season - Ranked #16

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70's TV Show Trivia:

The TV Show Soap was televised from 09/13/1977 to 04/20/1981, on the ABC network.

Soap TV Show Emmy Awards:

Robert Guillaume won best Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Comedy-Variety or Music Series in 1978-79.

Richard Mulligan won best Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 1979-80.

Cathryn Damon won best Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 1979-80.

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