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Smith Family, The TV Show

TV Show Review for Smith Family, The

Television Show Summary

The ‘70s TV show The Smith Family ran for a single season during the early half of the decade.

Smith Family, The DVD

TV Show Plot For Smith Family, The

The Smith Family was a light hearted show that tells the story of a police detective by the name of Det. Sgt. Chad Smith, as well as his family, including wife Betty (played by Janet Blair) and his three children, who were played by Darleen Carr, Ron Howard, and Michael James Wixted. The Smith Family distinguished itself from other detective shows in that it focused more on the main character’s home life, rather than his professional life.

The Smith Family was one of the more successful examples of a renowned movie star breaking in to television. While the show was critically acclaimed, it did not do well in terms of ratings, and was thus cancelled after a single season.

Cast of Smith Family, The TV Show

Det. Sgt. Chad Smith – Henry Fonda
Gary – Butch Patrick
Betty Smith – Janet Blair
Cindy Smith – Darleen Carr
Bob Smith – Ron Howard
Brian Smith – Michael James Wixted
Captain Hughes – Charles McGraw
Sgt. Ray Martin – John Carter

Trivia for the TV Show Smith Family, The

The Smith Family producer Don Fedderson also produced the popular family oriented TV shows The Lawrence Welk Show and My Three Sons.

The name of the Smith Family TV Show's theme song was "Primrose Lane."

Ratings Info for Smith Family, The Series

1970-71 - 1st Season - Ranked #21

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70's TV Show Trivia:

The TV Show Smith Family, The was televised from 01/20/1971 to 06/07/1972, on the ABC network.

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