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Name of the Game TV Show

Television Show Summary for Name of the Game

Television Show Summary

The ‘60s and ‘70s TV show The Name of the Game ran for over seventy episodes, each of which lasted about 90 minutes, on the NBC network.

Name of the Game DVD

TV Show Plot For Name of the Game

The Name of the Game revolved around three fictional characters working in the magazine business. Robert Stack played a crime journalist, Anthony Franciosa a crusading reporter, and Gene Barry a sophisticated publisher.

One famous episode of The Name of the Game was directed by Steven Spielberg when he was still a young man. It was adapted from a Philip Wylie story and featured Gene Barry being hunted down in a future L.A. where people have to live underground in caves owing to the extreme pollution. The government is run by fascist psychiatrists. Shooting on a low budget, Spielberg managed to accomplish a lot with the intriguing story, thanks to his artful camera angles and bizarre shots.

The Name of the Game was distinguished for such cinematic approaches to the show, making it stand out from other television series during its time.

Cast of Name of the Game TV Show

Jeff Dillon – Anthony Franciosa
Glenn Howard – Gene Barry
Dan Farrell – Robert Stack

Trivia for the TV Show Name of the Game

After the show’s second or third season, Anthony Franciosa was fired. He was replaced by a long series of actors, including Robert Wagner, Robert Culp, Darren McGavin, and Peter Falk.

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70's TV Show Trivia:

The TV Show Name of the Game was televised from 09/20/1968 to 03/19/1971, on the NBC network.

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