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Hee Haw TV Show

TV Series Summary for Hee Haw

Television Show Summary

The long running rural comedy and music TV show Hee Haw ran throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and early ‘90s. It was hosted by musicians Roy Clark and Buck Owens.

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TV Show Plot For Hee Haw

The television variety show Hee Haw took its name from the sound that a braying mule makes. Hee Haw was well known for its Southern humor as well as the scantily clad women in stereotypical farmer’s garb it often featured. While the show was enormously successful in North America, it is relatively unheard of outside of the United States and Canada. Its massive success throughout the ‘70s alerted television networks of the appeal of such shows for older audiences in less prominent time slots.

Some of Hee Haw’s long running skits and gags included an old philosopher, played by Gordie Tapp, who would constantly get hit in the head with a chicken made out of rubber, and the school house of Minnie Pearl.

Cast of Hee Haw TV Show

Minnie Pearl
Gordie Tapp
Roy Acuff
Junior Samples
Misty Rowe

Trivia for the TV Show Hee Haw

In New York City, the Bowery Poetry Club regularly hosts “Urban Hee Haw” events. It pays tribute to the original show by resetting the original hick characters in an urban setting.

For a while, there was a spin off series called Hee Haw Honeys in the ‘70s that featured Kathie Lee Gifford, Kenny Price, Misty Rowe, Lulu Roman, and Gailard Sartain.

Ratings Info for Hee Haw Series

1970-71 - 2nd Season - Ranked #16

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70's TV Show Trivia:

The TV Show Hee Haw was televised from 06/15/69 to 09/04/93, on the CBS network.

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