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California Fever TV Show

70's TV Show Facts for California Fever

Television Show Summary

The 70's TV show California Fever centered around main characters Vince and Ross, two LA teens enjoying the Southern California lifestyle.

California Fever DVD

TV Show Plot For California Fever

Vince (Jimmy McNichol) operates an underground pirate radio station and Ross (Marc McClure) is a custom car buff. The two suburban Los Angeles teens are into surfing, disco music and fast cars.

Most episodes involved the teens getting into and out of some kind of trouble. Many of the shows finished with a song from Vince's band.

California Fever lasted just ten episodes on CBS Tuesday nights.

Some of the theme song lyrics:
"Maybe it's the ocean, maybe it's the air. Maybe it's the sunshine that gets in my hair. Maybe it's the ladies, or the clothes that they wear. I don't know. I don't care. I just got to be there... California, here I am, and I love you."

Cast of California Fever TV Show

Elizabeth McGovern - Lisa
Lorenzo Lamas - Rick
Marc McClure - Ross Whitman
Jimmy McNichol - Vince Butler
Lisa Cori - Sue
Cosie Costa - Bobby
Michele Tobin - Laurie Newman

Trivia for the TV Show California Fever

Show star Jimmy McNichol was the brother of 70's TV actress Kristy McNichol.

Jimmy McNichol also sang the theme song for the show.

Vince drove a Chevy Camaro with a 454ci engine.

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70's TV Show Trivia:

The TV Show California Fever was televised from 09/25/1979 to 12/11/1979, on the CBS network.

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