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Adam 12 TV Show

70's TV Show Facts for Adam 12

Television Show Summary

The ‘70s TV show Adam 12 featured Martin Milner and Kent McCord as a pair of police officers in Los Angeles. Jack Webb, of Dragnet and Emergency fame, produced the show.

Adam 12 DVD

TV Show Plot For Adam 12

While Adam 12’s plot centered around the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division, the writers of the show based their material on real cases from the LAPD’s police files. Thus, the show was not focused on any one particular area of the city.

Pete Malloy (Martin Milner) is about to retire from the police force after the death of his partner, when he is paired with rookie cop Jim Reed (Kent McCord.) Malloy eventually decides to stay on and, in the course of Adam 12’s 174 episodes, manages to mold Reed into one of Los Angeles’s finest.

In the year 1989, Adam 12 was revamped under the title The New Adam 12. This version of the show did not prove to be successful, however, and ran for only one season.

Cast of Adam 12 TV Show

Pete Malloy – Martin Milner
Jim Reed – Kent McCord
Sergeant William "Mac" MacDonald – William Boyett
Tom Porter – Mark Goddard
Detective Sgt. Stone – Robert Patten
Detective Cole Edwards – Chuck Bowman
Officer Miller – Kenneth Washington
Dispatcher – Shaaron Claridge
Suspect – Raymond Mayo
Investigator Kincaid – Don Ross
Lt. Moore – Art Gilmore
Woman – Natalie Masters

Trivia for the TV Show Adam 12

The writer Stephen J. Cannell landed his first permanent job writing for the fourth season of Adam 12.

After receiving permission from the Los Angeles Police Department, Adam 12 was able to use actual police shields.

Ratings Info for Adam 12 Series

1972-73 - 1st Season - Ranked #11
1973-74 - 2nd Season - Ranked #23

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70's TV Show Trivia:

The TV Show Adam 12 was televised from 09/21/1968 to 05/20/1975, on the NBC network.

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