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Emigrants, The Movie Summary and Review

70's Movie Info for Emigrants, The

Emigrants, The Movie Brief

This ‘70s movie is about emigrants to the United States.

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DVD Release For Emigrants, The

The DVD for the movie Emigrants, The runs , was released on by and is rated PG Click To BuyEmigrants, The.

Film Plot For Emigrants, The

The Emigrants is a film for anyone who has been curious about their roots – or has been uprooted before.

The Emigrants stars Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann as Swedish emigrants to the United States. This award winning film will appeal to people from all walks of life.

Cast of Emigrants, The Film

Karl Oskar – Max von Sydow
Kristina – Liv Ullmann
Robert – Eddie Axberg
Nils – Sven Olof Bern
Marta – Aina Alfredsson
Danjel – Allan Edwall
Ulrika – Monica Zetterlund
Arvid – Pierre Lindstedt
Jona Petter – Hans Alfredson
Danjel’s wife – Ulla Smidje
Elin, Ulrika’s daughter – Eva Lena Zetterlund
The Vicar – Gustaf Faeringborg
Aron – Ake Fridell
Fina Kajsa – Agneta Prytz
Anders – Halva Bjork

Emigrants, The Movie Trivia Items

When filming the scene towards the end of The Emigrants, in which Karl Oskar walks off to find a better place for his settlement, director Jan Troell forgot to yell, "Cut." Max von Sydow just kept walking and walking, waiting for a "cut", and nobody realized he was still walking until they took a lunch break.

The Emigrants director Jan Troell and writer Wilhelm Moberg had a disagreement as to whether or not the actors should use dialects. Troell wanted all actors to speak Småländska (the dialect spoken in county Småland where the story takes place) while Moberg wanted no dialects. As a compromise, Karl Oskar and Kristina speak with a dialect, while many of the others, including Robert and Arvid, only speak with a very light accent.

Oscar Awards:

Bengt Forslund, producer (Warner Bros.) won the Oscar for Best Picture for the movie Emigrants, The.

Liv Ullman won the Oscar for Best Actress for the movie Emigrants, The.

Jan Troell won the Oscar for Directing for the movie Emigrants, The.

70's Film Facts:

The Film Emigrants, The was released on January 1, 1970 by Svensk Filmindustri, and earned - in ticket sales in US theatres.

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