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Lyrics My Maria BW Stevenson

Song Lyrics My Maria by BW Stevenson

BW Stevenson

My Maria
Don't you know I have come a long, long way
I've been longin' to see ya
When she's around she take my blues away

Sweet Maria
The sunlight surely hurts my eyes
I'm a lonely dreamer
Lonely highway in the skies

Maria, I love you

My Maria
There were some blue and some low times
Just my thoughts about you bring back
My peace of mind

Gypsy lady
Your a miracle work for me
You set my soul free
Like a ship sailin' on the sea

She is the sunlight
When the skies are grey
She treat me so right lady
Take me away

Maria, I love you
Maria, I love you

Song Fact:

The song My Maria by BW Stevenson was ranked number 64 on the top 100 songs of 1973.

BW Stevenson Artist Fact:

BW Stevenson was an accomplished singer of the blues and rock and roll. But ultimately, when he got his first record deal, he was signed up as a country artist. His first single on RCA records was “Shambala.” The song made it to the charts, but did not do as well as the version of the same song by the rock act Three Dog Night. “My Maria,” co-written by BW Stevenson and Daniel Moore, made it to Number 9 on the pop charts, although sidestepped the country charts completely. The album the track was taken from made it to Number 45 in the year 1973. Throughout the 1970s, BW Stevenson continued recording music. He had two more major singles that made it to the charts during that decade. One of them, “Down to the Station,” was put out by Warner Brothers Records....BW_Stevenson Bio

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