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Lyrics Just The Way You Are Billy Joel

Song Lyrics Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel

Billy Joel

Don't go changing, to try and please me
You never let me down before
Don't imagine you're too familiar
And I don't see you anymore
I wouldn't leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times, I'll take the bad times
I'll take you just the way you are

Don't go trying some new fashion
Don't change the color of your hair
You always have my unspoken passion
Although I might not seem to care

I don't want clever conversation
I never want to work that hard
I just want someone that I can talk to
I want you just the way you are.

I need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew
What will it take till you believe in me
The way that I believe in you.

I said I love you and that's forever
And this I promise from the heart
I could not love you any better
I love you just the way you are.

Song Fact:

The song Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel was ranked number 17 on the top 100 songs of 1978.

Billy Joel Artist Fact:

Born William Martin Joel in the Bronx in 1949, the American singer, songwriter, and pianist Billy Joel first became famous with the hit single “Piano Man” in 1973. Although he retired from the pop recording industry in the early 1990s, his music continues to have a huge impact on audiences around the world. Among his many accomplishments is being one of the sole rock artists to have Top 10 hits spanning three decades. Over 100 million of his albums have been sold all over the world. Joel has won six Grammy Awards, and is reportedly the sixth best selling recording artist of all time in America. He has been inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, the Long Island Music Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame....Billy_Joel Bio

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