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70s Music Artist Bio

Paul Mccartney and Wings -

The history of the group begins in the year 1970, when the producer of the Beatles’ last album, Phil Spector, was putting the finishing touches on Let it Be, and McCartney was working on his eponymous debut album. On that album, which would form the foundation of Wings, McCartney played all the instruments and sang all the vocals, except for the ba...
70s Music Artist Bio

Bazuka -

During the recording of the song Dynomite, Bazuka drummer Jim Payne got a message that his pregnant wife's water broke. Tony Camillo begged Payne for just one take on the song, and that was the one that was used....
70s Music Artist Bio

Eddie Money -

Money’s eponymous first album was released in the late 1970s. It would up making it to Number 37 on the charts. It contained two hits, “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise.” Both songs would make it to the Top 40. 1978 saw the release of Money’s second album, Life for the Taking. This album featured more of a disco vibe. While the album itse...

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