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70s Music Artist Bio

Blues Image -

Besides Bertematti, the group’s line up consisted of Mike Pinera on guitars, Joe Lala on percussion, and Malcolm Jones on bass. The band was founded in 1966 in Tampa, Florida. The keyboardist Frank “Skip” Konte would later join the band’s roster. In 1968, the band moved to Miami, where they help found the influential nightclub The Image, where such...
70s Music Artist Bio

Nick Gilder -

In addition to his solo career, Gilder has made a name for himself as an important songwriter. He has written music for such recording artists as Joe Cocker, Bette Midler, Pat Benatar, and Patty Smyth. His song “The Warrior,” which he co-wrote with Holly Knight, was turned in to a major hit by the group Scandal in the year 1984....
70s Music Artist Bio

Burton Cummings -

The members of the Guess Who all grew up in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cummings first started playing music with a rhythm and blues band called the Deverons. In 1965, he was asked to join the Guess Who to replace departing keyboardist Bob Ashley. Chad Allan, the band’s lead singer, soon after left the band, and Cummings stepped up to the mic....

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