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Random 70's Artist Bios

70s Music Artist Bio

Sammy Johns -

Johns started playing music as a child in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. He started a band called the Devilles while still a teenager. He later moved to Atlanta, where he would generate attention and eventually score a record deal. His first album, Early Morning Love, was released in the year 1974....
70s Music Artist Bio

Commodores -

The Commodores are best know for their ballads. “Three Times a Lady” and “Easy” are two of their most well known songs. But the band has also recorded a string of funk-driven dance floor hits, including “Too Hot Ta Trot,” “Fancy Dancer,” “Say Yeah,” and “Brick House.” The instrumental track “Machine Gun” has become an institution at sporting events...
70s Music Artist Bio

White Plains -

Throughout the 1970s, White Plains scored numerous hits, including “My Baby Loves Lovin’,” a single from the year 1970. They followed that up with “When You Are A King” in the year 1971, which made it to Number Thirteen on the charts in the United Kingdom. The band suffered numerous line up changes throughout the course of its brief existence. They...

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