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Random 70's Artist Bios

70s Music Artist Bio

Paul Mccartney and Wings -

The history of the group begins in the year 1970, when the producer of the Beatles’ last album, Phil Spector, was putting the finishing touches on Let it Be, and McCartney was working on his eponymous debut album. On that album, which would form the foundation of Wings, McCartney played all the instruments and sang all the vocals, except for the ba...
70s Music Artist Bio

Charlie Pride -

Pride is perhaps best known for his song “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’”, which was a major hit in the early 1970s. While some consider Pride to be the first African American artist to attain such a prominent platform in the world of country music, this is actually not the case – DeFord Bailey, a harmonica player, was a Grand Ole Opry star back in the...
70s Music Artist Bio

Andrew Gold -

Andrew Gold’s mother and father were talented artists, as well. Gold’ mother, Marni Nixon, worked in several well-known plays. She created singing voiceovers for actresses. One of her most famous gigs was with West Side Story, where she sang the lyrics for actresses Natalie Wood. Gold’s father, Ernest, worked as a film soundtrack composer....

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