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Random 70's Artist Bios

70s Music Artist Bio

Ides Of March -

In the late 1960s, the Ides of March decided to add a brass section to the line up. Trumpet players John Larson and Chuck Soumar joined, with Soumar also contributing vocals and percussion. In addition, Bergland played tenor sax on some tracks. In 1970, after scoring a deal with Warner Brothers, the band released the single “Vehicle,” which would g...
70s Music Artist Bio

John Denver -

Denver’s songs are characterized by their affectionate stance towards nature. His best known songs include “Rocky Mountain High,” “Leaving On a Jet Plane,” “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” and “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” Common themes in his music include the Planet Earth, the western lifestyle, and humanity. His home state Colorado named him Poet...
70s Music Artist Bio

Ohio Players -

The original line up included Robert Ward on guitar and lead vocals, bassist Marshall “Rock Jones,” drummer Cornelius Johnson, guitarist and saxophonist Clarence “Satch” Satchell, and brass player Ralph “Pee Wee” Middlebrooks....

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