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War Artist Bio and Lyrics

The multiracial funk group War was popular in the 1970s, although they continued playing together up until the year 1997.

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WarLyrics Slippin' Into Darkness
Lyrics The Cisco Kid
Lyrics Gypsy Man
Lyrics The World Is A Ghetto
Lyrics Me And Baby Brother
Lyrics Why Can't We Be Friends
Lyrics Summer

Hailing from southern California, the group is perhaps best known for their song “Low Rider.” The band was formed in the year 1969. They had a unique sound that fused elements from rock, jazz, Latin, funk, reggae, and rhythm and blues in to their own individual style of music. What’s more, War was one of the first bands to defy racial and cultural barriers with their multicultural line up. War has sold over twenty five million units worldwide. Their lyrics tend to be angrily political, yet their music is set to a laid back, southern Californian funk vibe. It has been sampled by numerous artists, including TLC, Janet Jackson, and Korn.

The band’s original line up included Eric Burdon, B.B. Dickerson, Less Oskar, Papa Dee Allen, Lonnie Jordan, Howard E. Scott, Harold Brown, and Charles Miller.

The albums of War include Eric Burdon Declares WAR, The Black Man’s Burdon, War, All Day Music, The World Is a Ghetto, Deliver the Word, Live, Why Can’t We Be Friends?, Greatest Hits, Platinum Jazz, Galaxy, Youngblood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The Music Band, The Music Band Live, The Music Band 2, Outlaw, Life (Is So Strange), Where There’s Smoke…, The Best of War…and More, Peace Sign, Anthology 1970-1994, The Best of Eric Burdon and War, The Best of War and More…Volume 2, Coleccion Latina, Grooves and Messages: The Greatest Hits of War, and The Very Best of War.

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