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Tavares Artist Bio and Lyrics

The 70's American rhythm and blues act Tavares, sometimes called the Tavares Brothers, is a band featuring five brothers from the town of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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TavaresLyrics Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

Tavares was originally called Chubby and the Turnpikes. They first began playing in the year 1963, when the group’s youngest brother was only thirteen. Ten years later, they inked a deal with Capitol Records and scored a major hit with the song “Check It Out.” The following year, Tavares scored a hit single with “She’s Gone,” which would later be covered by Hall and Oates. The Tavares version of the song made it to the top of the rhythm and blues charts. Their follow up to that single was called “Remember What I Told You to Forget.”

The band scored their biggest success in the year 1975. That was the year they released their album In the City, which featured their biggest hit to date, “It Only Takes a Minute.” Later hits focused on the disco aspect of their sound, in line with the biggest trend of that era.

The band’s line up includes Ralph Viera Tavares, Arthur Paul Tavares, Antone Lee Tavares, Feliciano Tavares, and Perry Lee Tavares.

The best known songs of Tavares include “Check It Out,” “She’s Gone,” “Remember What I Told You To Forget,” “It Only Takes a Minute,” “Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel,” “Don’t Take Away the Music,” “The Mighty Power of Love,” “Whodunit,” “More Than a Woman,” “The Ghost of Love,” “Slow Train to Paradise,” “Never Had a Love Like this before,” “Bad Times,” and “Penny For Your Thoughts.”

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