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First Class Artist Bio and Lyrics

The British pop group the First Class were put together by producer and songwriter John Carter in the 1970s. The First Class’s line up included Tony Burrows, Robin Shaw, Del John, Eddie Richards, Chas Mills, Spencer James, and Clive Bennett.

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First Class

Tony Burrows had been a member of the 1960s group the Kestrels alongside Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway. He later joined the band the Ivy League (way after they were past their prime, unfortunately.) The Ivy League later became the Flower Pot Men, who would score a major hit with the song “Let’s Go to San Francisco.” Tony Burrows also had hit singles around the same time under several different names. Among them, the Brotherhood of Man (“United We Stand”), White Plains (“My Baby Loves Lovin’”), and the Pipkins (“Gimme Dat Ding”). Spencer James had formerly been a member of the Searchers.

The First Class’s first single, “Beach Baby,” made it to Number Four on the US charts in 1974 and Number Thirteen on the UK charts the same year. It remains a popular track on oldies radio stations. Later songs, however, did not do so well on the charts. Those included “Dreams Are Ten a Penny,” “Won’t Somebody Help Me,” and “Bobby Dazzler.” Despite the fact they are remembered as a singles band, the First Class released two albums. Many compilation albums were released subsequently.

The albums of the First Class include The First Class, “SST,” Beach Baby & Other Assorted Love Songs, Golden Classics, Summer Sound Sensations, and The Essential Collection of the First Class 1972-1982.

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