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Emotions Artist Bio and Lyrics

The female soul and rhythm and blues singing group the Emotions reached the height of their success in the 1970s and 1980s. Formed in the group’s home town of Chicago in the late 1960s, the Emotions originally consisted of three sisters – the children of Lillian and Joseph Hutchinson.

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EmotionsLyrics Best Of My Love

Mr. Hutchinson was hoping to have a talented family. After his daughters were born, he devoted much of his energy to developing their musical abilities. When the youngest of the three daughters, Sheila, reached the age of five, the sisters began singing together in church choirs. They eventually became known as the Hutchinson Sunbeams. After the birth of Mr. Hutchinson’s son, Joseph Jr., the group would have a guitarist in their midst. In the late 1960s, the group would change their name to the Emotions. In 1969, their first album, So I Can Love You, was released. The album boasted two hit singles – the title track and “The Best Part of a Love Affair.”

In the year 1970, Jeanette Hutchinson was married and soon after became pregnant with her first child, at which point she was forced to quit the band. She was replaced by Theresa Davis, who was later replaced by another Hutchinson sister, Pamela. In 1971, the Emotions released their second record, Untouched.

The albums of the Emotions include So I can Love You, Songs of Love, Untouched, Flowers, Rejoice, Sunbeam, Come Into Our World, New Affair, Sincerely, If I Only Knew, Best of My Love: The Best of the Emotions, Emotions Live in ’96, Love Songs, and Live.

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