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Blue Swede Artist Bio and Lyrics

One of the more successful Swedish rock bands of the 1970s was Blue Swede. With a series of singles that were largely covers of other musicians’ songs, Blue Swede attained a significant fan base.

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Blue SwedeLyrics Hooked On A Feeling

The group was originally known as Blåblus; in Swedish, the name translates to “blue denim shirt.” Bjorn Skifs was the band’s frontman. Skifs, who was born on April 20, 1947, later rose to prominence in performing the Arbiter’s role for the original album of Chess, the musical. He would also represent his home country two times in the Eurovision Song Contest. And in 2000, he would host the Melodifestivalen in Sweden. In addition to his skills as a musical performer, Skifs has also honed a formidable reputation as a screenwriter and actor.

Blue Swede would breakthrough on to an international stage in the year 1974 with the release of their cover of “Hooked on a Feeling” by BJ Thomas. The song would also feature prominently on the charts in Canada, Holland, and Australia. (Later, in the 1990s, a clip of the song was featured on the Ally McBeal Show.) In the United States, the Swedes would make it to the Top Ten Charts with their cover of “Never My Love” by the Association. In the Scandinavian countries, the band produced one track that did exceptionally well. It was a medley combining Deep Purple’s “Hush” with “I’m Alive,” a song by the Hollies.

Blue Swede’s albums include Hooked on a Feeling, The Golden Classics of Blue Swede, and Out of the Blue.

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