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Babys Artist Bio and Lyrics

The Babys was a British rock group that formed in 1976. This 70ís band wanted to target the teenybopper crowd. The members of the band thought that the name would increases their odds of landing a recording contract. The sound of the band was similar to that of bands such as REO Speedwagon and Journey. The Babys recorded hit singles such as ĎIsnít It Timeí, ĎEvery Time I Think of Youí and ĎBack on My Feet Againí.

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BabysLyrics Every Time I Think Of You

The original members of the Babys consisted of Michael Corby (guitarist and keyboard player), John Waite (vocals and bass player), Tony Brock (drummer) and Wally Stocker (guitarist).

In 1979, the band switched things up a bit. John Waite focused on just singing, while Ricky Phillips came in as the groupís new bass player. Michael Corby focused on just playing guitar, while Jonathan Cain joined the band and became their new keyboard player.

The groupís boyish appearance (complete with stylish makeup) and name didnít really fit their sound. The Babysí music sounded rich and thoughtful. The words sung by the Waite were insightful and meaningful. The bandís desire to land a recording contract by appealing to a younger listening audience may have deterred the older generationsí interest.

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